Monday, April 2, 2012

Advice to my High School Self

I have felt really nostalgic for some reason. I have been looking at pictures from high school, listening to music from my old ipod (does anyone remember My Chemical Romance?), remembering old friends and I might even consider resurrecting my Myspace page (NOT). I think it's the weather or stress or maybe the fact that my brother is getting ready to enter high school. Whatever it is, I am thinking about all of the things I have learned since I have been in college. I am a huge advocate for personal growth. It boosts my self esteem,  makes me feel more mature and I can look back and think "If only I knew, you can't stick a fork into the toaster to retrieve toast".  I have compiled a list of all of the things I have learned in three years, I'm a pretty seasoned "life veteran", obviously.

1. Boys mature slower than girls do--Boy would this tidbit of advice saved me quite a bit of trouble (No pun intended). I think my Mom might have told me this a few times (but of course I didn't listen because, I was a mature high schooler, duh).  I'm going to go ahead and say it. High school relationships are a joke. Guy friends are so much cooler and boys get better looking with time (Justin Bieber or James Franco?)  so all of you high school girls out there-- remember that. Also, high school boys don't have jobs so its not like they can even buy you cool things. Bottom line, don't waste your time with high school boys. Platonic relationships are so in.

2. Student Council/ Sports/ Prom aren't everything- I will be the first to admit, in high school I was totally involved in everything, which is admirable but the color of tulle that was picked the decorate the gym for prom ,the class song or even a silly tennis match are not the most important things in the world. I remember being so stressed out my senior year about the class song and class flower and thinking how ugly and terrible looking a Stargazer Lily was. But that doesn't matter right now and it didn't matter then. Just relax, because I can guarantee that when I'm forty my fondest memories of high school are not going to be the prom decorations.

3. Enjoy not having any responsibilties- I think I did a pretty good job at doing this, my Mom did my laundry, I never had a job, I procrastinated and I was lazy. That's what high school should be about, because once you get to college, you can't not do things. You have to pay bills, work, do massive amounts of homework, take care of yourself etc. I miss the days of coming home and not having to worry about anything :)

4. Parents are not embarrassing-- I know that everyone goes through this in high school! From the time I was 5 until I was 15, I was periodically dropped off at school in a cop car. Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, my Dad was a cop and would have to drop me off every so often. It was the most embarrassing thing in the whole wide world. I couldn't wait to get out of the car and I would always suggest that he park a few blocks away ( which he totally didn't, then proceeded to threaten to turn the sirens on--hilarious). But I miss those car rides with my parents, their support at all school related events and not being able to drive and what I thought was embarrassing just showed me that they cared. Sometimes in college you need your parents, because they are the only people who truley have your best interest in mind.

5. There will always be drama in life-- You may think that only in high school people are not as mature, accepting and cultured. There will always be those people in life and it may hurt your feelings that so and so called you ugly or so and so talked about you behind your back,  but accept it because that's how so and so will always be. Save yourself some trouble and surround yourself with like-minded people and open people. Life gives you those choices.

6. Stop waiting for high school to be over-- High school is going to end, I promise. High school is really cool because it is such a collective environment. College really is not like that because everyone is on such different tracks. I miss being able to just be with friends all of the time and not have to worry about anything other than having fun. You can laugh with friends during class, have people to eat with during lunch and just make some awesome memories.

If I could go back in time I would not change a thing and I look forward being 30 and thinking about how silly I was when I was 20 :)


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  1. The sixth advice is a good one. High school is usually memorable, and students would want to stay being a senior or junior for life. Indeed, being a student in general offers a lot of benefits. Thanks for this enlightening post.